Anyone Can Save a Life

As a teenager growing up in the 1970s I remember the prevalence of pot smoking among my peers and gossiping about the truly adventurous school mates who experimented with Narcotics. Heroin was used only in the deep dark recesses of abandoned buildings in the far away intercity. In the 4 years that I have been volunteering as a youth leader here in Snohomish I have been surprised by some of the issues occurring in the lives of young people, but nothing has surprised me like the incredible increase in Heroin use among larger mainstream populations of teens. Please read this statement published in January of 2015 in this publication by the Snohomish County Health District, Heroin in Snohomish County: Mortality and Treatment Trends

"Snohomish County is facing an epidemic of drug overdoses. Of approximately 300 deaths per year due to unintentional injury, 44 percent were due to unintentional poisoning. The primary agents for unintentional poisoning deaths were prescription opioid analgesics (particularly oxycodone and hydrocodone) and heroin. The increase in mortality caused by these drugs is mirrored in local substance abuse treatment programs, which have also seen large increases in the number of clients experiencing problems with these drugs. That heroin has recently replaced opioid painkillers as the main agent in overdose deaths and addiction treatment is of particular concern. Combating this epidemic requires a coordinated effort of Snohomish County agencies. Law enforcement, social and health services, and community groups must collaborate in order to disrupt the sources of heroin, prevent drug use from happening, treat those who have become addicted, and prevent overdose deaths. These agencies must coordinate efforts in order to maximize their collective impact. Ineffective, older methods must be replaced with evidence-based practices that can effect change. Meeting this challenge is everyone’s responsibility."

Mark Serafin, MA, MS Robin Fenn, PhD, LICSW

Please read the embedded flier and join us for this important event as we fight against this deadly trend and learn how you can save a life.