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Two organizations are working with Teen Storytellers to create videos that will highlight the history and beauty of Snohomish.


Green Snohomish has contracted the organization to create a series of training and virtual tour videos that allow viewers to learn about the many historic trees of Snohomish. The project was completed in May but we continue to add seasonal shots of the various trees as needed.












Plans are also in the works between TSP and HDSA to create videos of the about the many unique interest points and history of Snohomish as well as informational videos for visitors to the Historic District.












These projects create a win-win for our students and the community. Video production can be extremely expensive and not budget friendly for many community organizations. We have the equipment and the experience to get some great projects completed while allowing our more advanced students to use their skills while contributing to their community.


As a nonprofit organization the Teen Storytellers Project Digital Gym can film for a fraction of the cost that a for-profit production company would need to charge. Donations can be designated toward Green Snohomish or HDSA for those who want to assist these projects


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