About us

Ripple Ministries of Snohomish is a nonprofit organization founded on God’s love and the vision to provide at-risk and under-resourced teens with training, mentorship and hope for a bright and meaningful future through education in filmmaking and media production.

Our longterm goal is to impart hope to at risk and under-resourced youth in Snohomish County by helping students build the skills needed to pursue the many careers requiring experience in media production and videography. Our classes combine professional instruction with short term team projects aimed at imparting creativity, collaboration, courage and character. Serious students will have opportunities to intern sharing their skills with incoming students and with the greater community. The long-range plan is to host digital art centers,"Digital Gyms"  in Snohomish County located in areas accessible to under-resourced teens and their families. These spaces will serve as the centers for classes, camps, and discussion groups as well as a place where students can grow in skill and understanding under the direction of caring and qualified professional mentors.

Building for the future

in Everett, WA

In August of 2019 TheTeen Storytellers Project Digital Gym opened on 1st Street in Snohomish, WA.  At the "Digital Gym" students can take production classes or participate in open sessions allowing teens to access custom built editing suites to work on individual film projects using the Adobe Creative Cloud platform.


Since the majority of under-resourced teens in Snohomish County live in Everett, it is our goal to open another Digital Gym work space in Everett, Washington where we can reach more students with classes, workshops and opportunities to become creative and confident filmmakers with more access to job opportunities and internships. To outfit the Digital Gym we will need to raise $10,000 for remodeling, furnishings, Equipment purchases, advertising and staffing. 


Board of Directors

Mike Gove, Chairman of the Board and CEO

Mike holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from Weber State University. Mike played on the PGA Tour from 1980-86. In November of 1986 Mike joined the assistant professional staff at Palm Valley Country Club in Palm Desert, CA.  He acquired his PGA membership while at Palm Valley and accepted the Head Golf Professional position at Astoria G & CC in June of 1990.  Mike accepted the Head Golf Professional position at Inglewood GC in Kenmore, WA in the spring of 2002, and currently holds that position. His 31 years as a golf professional have allowed Mike numerous opportunities to assist, host and run golf fundraising events, Mike is experience in retail management, human resources, member relations and business management. Mike has assisted with church youth programs, mission committees, served in small group leadership and on Pastoral Advisory Councils. He is dedicated to leading a successful organization and his vast experience as a business leader and tournament coordinator is paramount to the success of all of our management challenges and fund-raising endeavors.


Carrie Gove, Executive Director

Carrie holds a Bachelor of Arts, Radio and Television Production from the University of Washington. Her training included Internships as a production assistant for PM Magazine for KIRO and Evening Magazine at KOMO Television Stations. From 1986 to 1989 she was employed as a department manager and Publicity Director for Bullock's Palm Desert in Palm Springs, California. Carrie has served as a director and teacher for Children's classes and Youth Groups at 5 different churches over the past 28 years. Carrie has 18 years of experience as a home educator and 10 years as a consultant to home schooling parents and has assisted with and directed various fundraising events for nonprofit organizations. She is currently completing certification in Everett Community College's CECC Nonprofit Management Program. Carrie served as the Director of The Spot, Teen Drop in Center in Snohomish, but stepped down from the position in 2018 to devote her full attention to Ripple Ministries. Carrie is passionate and determined to see Ripple Ministries reach its full potential in reaching at risk youth with well managed and compassionate programs.


Secretary, Avon Pelsang                                                                                                Avon Holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business from Eastern Washington University and a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from Steven’s Technical Institute. Avon has served as a Specialist Title VII Compliance Investigator (national and international) 1997 – 2016 for the Boeing Company; and a Training and an Employee Development Specialist (Management and Non-management) 1991-1997. From 1997-2005 Avon served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Huntington Disease Society of America – Northwest Chapter in association with the University of Washington Genetics Clinic. meetings and fundraising events. Avon Served the Puget Sound Skills Center as guest speaker and investigations trainer for the HR and Criminal Law classes from 2003 to 2007 and was voted Best Guest Speaker for 2004 and 2005. Since her retirement in 2018 Avon has been an indispensable partner in propelling Ripple Ministries along as we grow and reach more students with our services. We are eternally grateful for her input and support.


Treasurer and Director of Student Success, Robert Pelsang                 Robert Pelsang has been a Washington teacher since 2005. For the past two years, he has worked as a Special Education teacher in the Seattle Public Schools at Denny International Middle School. He earned a Master’s in Teaching degree from the City University of Seattle in 2012, and a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education from Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida that he earned in 1983. He is a U.S. Army veteran, having served in the U.S. Army’s Intelligence and Security Command during the 1970’s. He earned the rank of Sergeant E-5 before leaving the military to begin attending college on the G.I. Bill. He is the father of three grown children. The education and welfare of America’s children has been foremost on his mind since he began his teaching career in 1983. Bob’s dedication to helping students succeed makes him an ideal addition to our leadership team.


Advising Director: Ky Elliot                                                                                           Ky Elliot is a Creative Media Professional and joins the board with 10+ years of hands-on experience in various roles including Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, and colorist. Ky has experience in high level marketing and social content. professional music, entertainment, & advertising photography. Ky earned his Bachelor Degree in Directing Film from the New York Film Academy and has honed his professional skills during his time at Avysis and Amazon. Ky is an example of the work ethic and kindness we hope to instill in all our students. He is a major contributor to our understanding of the production methods and equipment we need to give our students a professional edge. We are thrilled and privileged to have Ky on our team! 


Advising Director: Phoebe Elliot.                                                                     Phoebe is a longtime friend who brings rich and diverse experience as a past youth leader and missionary with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) which took her to Gulu, Uganda in 2012. Phoebe is a creative entrepreneur  with over thirteen years of customer service experience and well over five collective year’s experience in management/supervising in different venues. Phoebe is the Owner of Maple House Co., a successful online vintage store and her flare for design has been recently featured in the Spring 2019 issue of Flea Market Style Magazine. Her work as a photo stylist is key to her business success.  Phoebe embodies the compassion, courage and character we desire for all our students and we look forward to her creative input on our communications and fundraising efforts!

Advising Director: Walt Kurowski 
Walt served our country in the United States Airforce, He married Sherry in 1974 and in 1978 accepted the position of Director of Special Services and Inventory Control for Frederick and Nelson Department Store. Walt served in Missions at Overlake Community Church making his first trip to Africa in 2006 He has served as an Elder and Advisory Board member at Central Christian Church and CTK Snohomish/Central Faith Church.  Now, Walt works with the retirement community at Aegis Living in Kirkland, Washington leading discussion groups and providing needed services. Walt’s passion for missions and serving vulnerable people has led him to Africa over 6 times including a trip in 2019 with Global Training Network. We are very encouraged to have Walt’s experience, wisdom and caring spirit as a governing member of Ripple Ministries

In Loving Memory of Sherry Kurowski, board member, friend, amazing wife and mother. You are missed!