About us

Ripple Ministries of Snohomish is a nonprofit organization founded on God’s love and the vision to provide at-risk and under-resourced teens with training, mentorship and hope for a bright and meaningful future through education in filmmaking and media production.

Our longterm goal is to impart hope to at risk and under-resourced youth in Snohomish County by helping students build the skills needed to pursue the many careers requiring experience in media production and videography. Our classes combine professional instruction with short term team projects aimed at imparting creativity, collaboration, courage and character. Serious students will have opportunities to intern sharing their skills with incoming students and with the greater community. The long-range plan is to host digital art centers,"Digital Gyms"  in Snohomish County located in areas accessible to under-resourced teens and their families. These spaces will serve as the centers for classes, camps, and discussion groups as well as a place where students can grow in skill and understanding under the direction of caring and qualified professional mentors.

Building for the future

in Everett, WA

In August of 2019 TheTeen Storytellers Project Digital Gym opened on 1st Street in Snohomish, WA.  At the "Digital Gym" students can take production classes or participate in open sessions allowing teens to access custom built editing suites to work on individual film projects using the Adobe Creative Cloud platform.


Since the majority of under-resourced teens in Snohomish County live in Everett, it is our goal to open another Digital Gym work space in Everett, Washington where we can reach more students with classes, workshops and opportunities to become creative and confident filmmakers with more access to job opportunities and internships. To outfit the Digital Gym we will need to raise $10,000 for remodeling, furnishings, Equipment purchases, advertising and staffing. 


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